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CEMS is specialized in the commissioning and servicing of  Marine Communication,  Navigation and Vessel IT for merchant ship.

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Our team of Marine Engineers is well versed with many PMS and Procurement software’s and we conduct onboard training on same. Our PMS audit team carries out the audit of PMS software usage and Maintenance activities performed on board. 

• Collect information on all the planned and unplanned jobs done in past
• Separate unplanned maintenance from planned/ preventative maintenance
• Check your maintenance parts usage
• Check for the genuineness of updated jobs in PMS software
• Under unplanned work orders look for equipment that seems to be failing frequently or require a lot of unplanned maintenance 

At the end of the audit the company should have a good idea of potential problem areas, where it requires improvement and where things are going well. This kind of information becomes more valuable as you keep repeating these audits – you can see if you are performing better from year to year. While reviews at shorter periods e.g. quarterly or semi-annual are also useful, a yearly audit can help smooth out performance fluctuations caused by seasonal changes.


Plant construction drawings and Piping diagrams are the most important documents during operation and conversions. Over a period of time these drawings and piping diagrams deteriorate and loose important information. It is very important for the Plant Manager to have digital copies of these documents. 

We have highly trained Architectural and Engineering technicians to do specialized drafting work quickly and accurately. With the help of our sophisticated drafting tools and state-of-the-art technology we convert the old hard copies of drawings or Scanned PDFs to editable AUTO CAD format. Special emphasis is given to trace the missing information and include them in converted file. 

• We always maintain the actual dimension of the drawings.
• We always try to keep the layers specified by you, otherwise we do that by our layers.
• We maintain international standards.
• We can maintain snap on/off, grid on/off, dimension on/off on your drawings.
• We can use standard blocks and attributes on your drawings.

• Reproduce superior quality drawings from poor quality originals.
• Save time vs. digitizing tablets, redrawing, copying and printing documents.
• Conversion from raster formats to 100% CAD perfect geometry.
• Enhanced service to clients at a lower cost.
• Increased productivity and control.
• Eliminate misplaced drawings and documentation.
• Shared access to large files and databases.


We send a team of Marine Engineers with software experience to the vessels to regulate the Onboard Inventories, irrespective of the PMS/Inventory Controlsoftware that your company uses. 

It normally takes minimum 10 -12 working days to sort out the complete inventory. 

The complete inventory update process involves following;
· Assessing & identifying of parts. 
· Labeling and tagging of spares 
· Cross-checking and entering stock-details & information in the PMS 
· Entering the information in excel sheet(s) if no PMS 
· Tagging, bar-coding & effective isolation of unidentified and/or used spare-parts.


Controlling your documents helps determine the future of your business. You need to protect your business records, to know that they are secure, yet readily accessible to all authorized personnel and protected from unauthorized access, theft, and damage. Finding a reliable document scanning service helps you control your records and information. 

We can help you scan your information into industry-standard digital formats, and then integrate your data into your overall Document Management System. 

We offer a comprehensive document scanning service that can turn your Machinery documents into more valuable digital business assets. We will guide you as you create a streamlined digital workplace. 

High-quality digital scanning is the first step of the effort, leading to a comprehensive electronic document management solution. Our scanning services are quick, accurate, and produce superior-quality images.


We offer data conversion services from any software to any software. Our team of specialists can convert the extracted data to the format required by the client.

Our team also has expertise in cleaning the PMS and Procurement data without disturbing the history of the jobs and components.

We maintain high quality of the extracted data and compare it with all available Documentation/Manuals before inserting it in the CMMS software.

Salient Features of Data Conversion: 
1)Client Requirements are carefully and formally documented by our project managers
2)Data is converted keeping in mind the standards set by client
3)Major emphasis on data duplication avoidance.


We provide complete and partial data entry from hard and soft copies of machinery manuals in excel or software for following: 
1. Planned Maintenance Systems
2. Procurement Systems
3. Inventory Management Systems
4. Document Management Systems

We follow multistage quality verification process for data population and ensure 100% Error free data. Our data consists of but not limited to: 
1. Machinery Components 
2. Jobs and Job Descriptions 
3. Spare Parts 
4. CSM and Company Specific Jobs 
5. IMPA and ISSA Catalogues 
6. Images.