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CEMS is specialized in the commissioning and servicing of  Marine Communication,  Navigation and Vessel IT for merchant ship.

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Continental Electro Marine Service (CEMS) offers complete Vessel IT solutions for ships, offshore vessels, and oil rigs. Our engineers are very well trained in maritime products and will resolve the issues before your vessel leaves port. 

Our Vessel IT Services include: 


  • Troubleshooting system & network

  • ​Installations of system, security & network

  • Ship to Shore end to end connectivity

  • LAN Support Services

  • Installation operating system and office

Anti-Virus Management and Spyware checking and Firewall solution

When you suspect that the vessel system is infected with a virus, Our Engineer will scan and clean all vessel computer system and update antivirus software, we can install and configure PORT IT (Maritime Antivirus Service).

Supply of IT equipment such as laptops/PCs and software

We can supply any IT related product which your vessels need, i.e. from a laptop/single PC and more important computer hardware to a complete installed network and security products. 

Our office will prepare the vessel computer or server as per owner specific requirements before shipment. we will verify that all hardware and software are working properly. it is just a matter of plug and play.

If you have a new computer, printer or any other IT device which needs to be installed onboard.

we will take care of that. 

E-mail installation, upgrade and repair

Our engineers are very proficient in implementing new email solutions onboard your vessels. Our engineers are well trained in the installation of AmosConnect, SkyFile Mail, GCC, Globe Mail, Orilla mail, Rydex, and other email solutions. We have the expertise to implement the most appropriate email suite onboard your vessel, also we will configure outlook as per company requirements.

Vessel IT-related project

Running network cabling Cat-5, Cat-6, fiber, voice, data and any other type of cabling from the bridge to the engine room for the network, and fixed wifi in full accommodation area onboard vessel. we have the experience and know-how to make sure your network cabling is reliable and robust.

Remote support

Often it is not necessary to go onboard. Most problems can be solved via shore support. Depending on the type of problem we can support the vessel remotely by using a telephone, email or remote access.